Upgrade your Chevrolet Cruze 1.4T to 170hp/177lb-ft (stock is 138hp/148lb-ft) with our Stage 0 tuning package!

Encore Stage 0 Handheld Tuning System


170 hp / 177lb-ft Upgrade

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Our advanced handheld tuning system stores multiple engine and transmission calibrations allowing you to quickly change between your stock factory software and our performance tuning software. The Stage 0 tuning package offers impressive gains over the stock factory calibration. Maximum available power and torque are increased from 138 hp / 148 lb-ft to 170 hp / 177 lb-ft. Desire more power? Just purchase one of our hardware upgrade packages and we can update your handheld with custom software developed specifically for your hardware upgrades.

Our handheld system does more than just program your engine and transmission. you can record high speed data logs while you drive your car and send us your logs for review. The logs record detailed engine sensor output so we can monitor your boost pressure, fueling, ignition timing, knock retard. power, torque and much more. These data logs are then reviewed by an expert Powertrain engineer who will assess how your engine is performing, advise you of any potential issues and make adjustments if necessary to get the maximum performance out of your turbocharged 1.4T.

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Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1.5 in


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