Saab 9-3 2.0T Stage 0 Tune

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Saab 9-3 2.0T T8 Tuning System

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Optional Add-Ons

Add an OBDLink SX Scan Tool? (Requires a laptop running Windows)

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Stage 0 (260 HP Upgrade)
– Available For 2003 – 2011 Manual And Automatic (XWD And FWD)
– High Speed Data Logging (With Optional OBDLink Scanner)
– Complete Customization Available
– Updates Via Email
– View And Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (With Optional OBDLink Scanner)

Please note the 260hp rating is for the 2.0T (210hp 2.0T models). If you have the 185 hp 2.0t Linear then the power is increased at Stage 0 from 185hp to 215hp (+30hp).

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4 reviews for Saab 9-3 2.0T Stage 0 Tune

  1. Michael G

    Wonderful product support. A very simple unit to use and Brian explains the whole process before hand. The unit has multiple functions from flashing the tune, to helping with diagnosis. Great feel to the product and fit and finish were on point.

    The tune takes just a little to find itself and calibrate while driving. Upon first startup, vehicle feels no different. Tame.

    The tune really wakes up the car. If your looking for a little extra oomph the 2.0T lacked from the factory look no further.

    Power delivery is smooth and once the boost builds and the revs reach the higher range, the car pulls very well.

    Fuel economy seems to have improved slightly.

    Overall, great product, great service. Best part is I can use the tuner again when going stage 1 or two later on!

    Looking forward to a future partnership. Thank you again Brian.


  2. Bret Van Hof (verified owner)

    Paired the tune with a subframe brace and a bsr cold air intake from Taliafero(Sp?)/GenuineSAAB. The car drives amazingly well. Still getting used to increased performance. Will return for stage 1 when my turbo goes…planning on replacing the struts with fortune auto coilovers once they go to deal with the additional power also. Brian is intelligent, informed, and helpful. Thanks for developing this tune!

  3. Sean (verified owner)

    This is a no brainer. You bought a SAAB and not a Hyundai Accent or a Corolla because you like to drive. The tune from the factory is massively restrictive and this ECU tune will help the car feel like an actual turbocharged car with the boost kicking in harder and the car feels more dramatic to drive. You look forward to turning the engine over and just want to drive for days because it just alters the characteristics of how the car behaves. If you’re thinking about it just do it. It really is worth every penny you pay and if not you’ll at least experience better fuel economy now that the tune is does not run rich anymore.

  4. Dave (verified owner)

    06 2.0T… 240k miles… Yes it as well taken care of… But yes I drive it like I’m playing f-zero… This is the most bang for buck thing you can possibly do for any car… It changes everything, in the right direction… I use to think my little car was lively and impressive, decent throttle response and lack of lag for a turbo… Now it feels like a tiny muscle car when pushed, and lost nothing in effortless cruising or mpg… In fact, picked up almost a full mpg… I will be getting the stage upgrade soon, and anyone should when it’s time to replace your turbo… 2 birds and all that

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